Will of Josias Beall

Probate date: 12 March 1803 / Prince George’s County Register Of Wills /Book Liber: T1 / folio 527 / Location: 01/25/07/005 / MdHR Number: 9725-2 / Maryland State Archives: MSA C1326-4.


Prince George’s County MD Will Book Liber T No. #1; 1803-1808; Folio 527

JOSIAS BEALL, near Piscattaway 05/12/1801 01/12/1803
‘being aged and infirm …”
Bequeaths to:
1. Robert August Beall –son
-to have all of testator’s part via tract of land called “Strife” whereon testator now lives with all the adjoining lands called “Sexington Coalpit” and “High Gate” and also to have “The Vineyard” and 2 parts and “The Meadow” in Charles County
-to have the land which testator formerly purchased from George Dixon near Mattawoman with the stock of horse, cattle, sheep, and hogs
-to have his choice of one of testator’s Negroes
-to have silver quart tankard, silver pint tankard with testator’s name on the bottom gold watch, small sword, silver soup ladle, 6 silver table spoons, 6 silver tea spoons. 1 pair of silver tea tongs, large looking glass in the hall, walnut writing desk, and  scrutoire thereon, close stool and pot, copper kettle in testator’s kitchen and instruments for surveying and plotting land–these being special legacies in consideration of his more particular attention to testator as well as on account of his increasing family–and all the above exclusive of his portion of the rentainder of the personal estate
-to have the remaining fourth part of testator’s printed hooks and many of-testator’s books are lent to his sons in Montgomery County
-Robert, Josias and James all named executors of the will
2. John Bradley Beall -son
Ann Fendall Beall –daughter (?)
Benjamin Bradley Beall –son (?)
-each to have 1/7th part of the lands in Prince George’s. Charles and Montgomery Counties
-whereas John Bradley Beall has been some years absent and “I know not whether he be alive or Dead” –if he does not return before the year 1805 then his share to be devised to David Fendall Beall and his sister Ann Elizabeth Beall in equal division
-Ann to have a 1/2 pint silver cup with her name on the bottom, 1 good leather trunk with a lock and key, 1 good feather bed and furn„ 1 sixth part of testator’s china and tea ware -Benjamin Bradley to have 1 fourth part of the printed books and it is testator’s intention that the books be divided into 4 parts according to value on them, pine hook case that stands in the parlor
3. Josias Fendall Beall –son
James Alexander Beall –son
-to have the remaining part to be divided as conveniently as possible, and should any disputes arise to be settled by some judicious person and testator’s son Robert -Josias to have testator’s silver mounted hanger, oh pint silver cup, and one fourth of testator’s printed books as a special legacy
-James Alexander to have riding saddle, and bridle a good trunk, Lock and key and one fourth of testator’s printed books as a special Legacy
4. David Fendall Beall
-should John Bradley Beall not return within the specified time then to divide his part with Ann Beall
5. Josias Bradley Beall –grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy “Benjamin” son of “Margery”
6. William Marshall Beall –grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy “Nathaniel Lewis” son of “Margery”
7. Robert Augustus Beall –grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy “John” son of “Cassy”
-should any of testaler’s grandsons die young, then their Negro to any future child of testator’s son Robert and his wife Elizabeth
8. Susanna Eliza Beall –daughter of Benjamin Bradley Beall
-to have Negro girl “Harriet Cassandra” daughter of “Milly”
9. Ann Elizabeth Beall
-to have 1 good bed and furn„ being the one on which she usually lays
Charles Dement
John B. Boswell
William Boswell
Then came: Charles Dement and John B. Boswell
Note the testator signed the will in his own hand


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