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happy birthday to me

I suppose I had a happy birthday yesterday. It was also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. If he were here,  there would probably be lots of questioning between us. I’ve always been curious about him, and wonder: If television broadcasting had been invented and established in Lincoln’s time on earth, would he have been elected president? He knew perhaps better than anyone else that he was not elected for his looks. When one political opponent accused Lincoln of being two-faced, he responded, “If I had another face, do you think I would be wearing this one?”

So what did I do for my birthday? Short answer:  Awoke feeling tired, because I had spent much of my sleeping time wednesday night working on a poster for school. I got out of bed earlier than I wanted, to help my wife with a certain crisis. Prepared omelets for breakfast, drove 30 minutes out to Nampa, spent 5 hours at the Milan Institute, drove to Meridian, spent 8.5 hours at the call center where I work, then drove home to Boise and went to bed.

No sex, no special dinner, no unwrapping gifts, no cake, and no pie for this birthday; I didn’t have time for it anyway. However,  there was one rather surprising birthday gift – if I choose to look at it that way. Maybe I’ll save that part for later.

One of Tonnette’s uncles baked a German chocolate cake for his wife’s birthday, and saved a piece for me. I had some of it this morning. Thanks Uncle Mike!

It was a stressful day, mainly because of school. It was a final exam day. It was also a presentation day for me, using that poster I was working on; some highlights on the Integumentary System (skin, nails, hair). These poster things are fairly subjective, and every student does theirs differently, and I was stressed about making mine look neat and interesting.

So I made my presentation about the Integumentary System. It was neat and interesting, but it lasted all of about 7 minutes. Now there is no more use for that poster I worked so hard on. No entering it into a competition, or posting in in the school hall for everyone to see. Too big to post on my cluttered refrigerator. And because I only scored 89% on the final exam, I keep wondering why I didn’t spend less time on that troublesome poster, and more time studying for the exam. As long as I was losing sleep over it….