Another BEALL Ancestry

This ancestry, with source notes, includes contributions from Nora Hendriksen (Beall), Burtch W. Beall Jr., James William Beall, Annie Phillips (Beall), Leah Gilbreath Gonzalez, and Roberta Hull.

11. Alexander BELL

Known as The Brabener (weaver). Born ca. 1621 in Scotland. Died in Fifeshire, Scotland.

On 21 May 1646 Alexander married Margaret RAMSAY in St. Andrews Church, Fifeshire, Scotland. Elise Greenup Jourdan mentions this couple as parents of “James Beall, bapt. 5 Feb 1652 Kingdom of Fife, Scotland”. [Refer to Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 6, p 271, by Elise Greenup Jourdan.]

10. James BEALL

Probably the same James Bell who was a son of Alexander Bell, and baptized on 5 Feb 1652 in St. Andrews Church, Fifeshire, Scotland. Witnesses were William and Janet Gourlays [See the St. Andrews Parish record]. The actual parish record of baptism shows that the child’s name was first written as ‘William’, then crossed out, with ‘James’ written above it. Some researchers have therefore interpreted this person’s name as “James William Bell”. After taking a careful look at the baptism record, I rather think that the parish recorder began to write the name of a witness, William Gourlays, before the name of the child; realizing his mistake, he crossed out the ‘William’, and wrote ‘James’ above it, making clear that the child was James, and not William. On the very next line, he writes the name of the witnesses, William and Janet Gourlays.

James died ca. 10 Feb 1725 in Prince George County, Maryland. [See The Will of James Beall, as copied from Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5, page 198.] Siblings: [1] William, [2] Alexander, [4] Robert, [5] Andrew.

Researcher Sharon J. Doliante compiled various land records to show family connections between this James, his sons, and grandsons. The disposition of Layhill or “Lay Hill” is very helpful for documenting my ancestry.

  • 21 October 1718, “CHARLES THE SECOND &c TO ALL persons &c KNOW YEE, that for and in Considercon, that James Beall of Prince George’s County hath due unto him Twelve hundred and ninety Eight Acres of Land within our Said province being due unto him by vertue of an assignment for that quantity from Archibald Edmonson of the said County out of a Warrant for three thousand acres fo Land granted to the said Edmondson the third day of August one thousand Seven hundred and Sixteen . . . WEE DOE therefore hereby grant unto him the Said James, ALL that tract of parcell of Land Lying in prince George’s County Called Lahill and on the north branch of the Eastern branch of patowmack . . . conteining and now laid out for twelve hundred and ninety Eight acres more or Less . . .” [Land Office, Liber PL#4, ff. 32-3.] Layhill was later included in Montgomery County.
  • In his will proved 10 July 1725, James leaves Layhill to his sons Robert & Joseph.
  • 1 December 1736, Dr. John Haswell, of Pr. Geo’s Co., & Sarah his wife, “widow & relict of James Beall . . . dec’d”, deeded to (her sons) Robert Beall & Joseph Beall, “sons of James Beall dec’d . . . for natural love & affection . . . all that one third part (her dower share) of a tract of Land called Layhill now or late in the possession of John Beall Jun., sole acting Exec. of the aforesaid James Beall dec’d.” (432 a.) [Pr. Geo’s Co. Deeds, Liber I, ff. 436-7.]
  • Robert Beall’s will proved 15 July 1740. No wife or children. His land, though not mentioned in his will, fell to his eldest brother John.
  • 1750 Debt Book shows Layhill held by: John Beall, Jr. – 649 a.; & Joseph Beall – 649 1/2 a. Total = 1298 1/2 a.
  • 28 October 1756, John Beall, Jr. died intestate. His lands fell to his eldest son Josias. Note spelling of Josias; not “Josiah”.
  • 6 May 1768, Josias Beall Jr. of Prince George’s County, leases portions of Layhill to John Belt and Thomas Hendry.
  • 19 March 1771, Josias Beall Jr. leases portions of Layhill to John Hurly, Basil Prather, John Fitzgerald, and Jeremiah Lewis.
  • Joseph Beall, Sr. will drawn 11 May 1801. Leaves portion of Lay Hill on the “east side of the most westerly fork” to his son Josiah Beall and the rest of his share of Layhill to his son Horatio Beall. [Evidently Joseph’s boys were not satisfied with the disposition of Layhill, and at least 250 acres of it was quickly transferred to brother Nathaniel Beall.]
  • 18 May 1801. Nathaniel Beall drew up a mortgage with George Riley which included 250 a of Layhill.
  • 15 March 1803. Benjamin Bradley Beall conveyed to Josias Fendall Beall and James Alexander Beall both of Montgomery Co. and Ann Fendall Beall of Prince George’s Co., for 5s paid by Josias Fendall Beall, tracts of land in Montgomery Co., called “Layhill“, “Beall’s Reserve”, & “Couper”, “late the property of Josias Beall, deceased”. Mary Beall [Benjamin Bradley’s wife] consented. [Mont. Co. Deeds, Liber L, f. 36.]
  • 25 February 1812. James Alexander Beall sells his inheritance in Montgomery County “by virtue of the last Will and testament of Josias Beall, late of Prince Geo’s Co.” to brother Josias Fendall Beall for $5000. This included his portion of Layhill.

See this summary of Layhill – as well as several other lands owned by James Beall – in  Maryland and Virginia Colonials : Genealogies of Some Colonial Families /Sharon J. Doliante / p. 54-55 / Genealogical Publishing Company/ Baltimore, 1991.

9. John BEALL Jr.

Born ca. 1701 in Prince George County, Maryland. John died 28 Oct 1756 in King George Parish. [Refer to St. John’s Parish Register, a.k.a. Piscataway Parish Register (SJPR:297).] Siblings: [2] Nathaniel, [3] James, [4] Robert, [5] Joseph, [6] Zepheniah, [7] Sarah.  On 24 Feb 1724 John married Elizabeth Ann FENDALL [Refer to “Early Families of Southern Maryland”, Vol. 6, p 276, by Elise Greenup Jourdan].

His home Strife was at the present-day Bellevue House, in Accokeek. The property ran along the road between Piscataway and Port Tobacco, just north of the Mattawoman Creek.

According to a National Historic Register Of Historic Places Inventory – Nomination Form, prepared by Susan G. Pearl in January 1986:

Bellevue stands on a tract known as Strife, patented in 1694 by Col. John Addison. In 1738, part of Strife was purchased by John Beall, and was later combined with other tracts to comprise the 572 acre late-eighteenth-century plantation of his son, Josias Beall. Beall’s home, a 32-foot-square frame building, stood, according to local tradition, at the site of the present house” (see NPS Form 10-900-a / Prince George’s County survey # 84-20 / Continuation sheet, Bellevue, Prince George’s County, MD / Item Number 8 / Pages 3-5).

John Beall, “Jr.” Called “Jr.” to distinguish him from his elder first cousin of the same name, John, “Sr.”, son of Alexander Beall], was likely b. by c 1701-1702, Pr. Geo’s Co.; d. intestate, Oct 28, 1756, Pr. Geo’s Co. [See St. Johns Parish Register or Piscataway Parish Register p. 297]; m. probably c 1724, in Md., Elizabeth Fendall, dau. of Capt. John and Elizabeth (Hanson) Fendall, of Charles Co., Md. She d. testate, bef. Dec 19 1785.

Although his mother later contested his father’s will, and demanded and received her dower thirds in the lands of her deceased husband, which cut into John’s share [as well as that of some of the other children], by that will John, “Jr.”, the eldest son, inherited over 550 a., called “Rover’s Content”, 78 a. called “Fife”, all of “Good Luck” lying on the East side of the Cabin John Branch [264 a.], and 225 a. called “Drumaldree”.

As heir-at-law [under the then English law of primogeniture], of his two brothers, Robert and Zephaniah, both of whom died young and unmarried, he also inherited the lands left to them by their father, which consisted of 649 a. of “Lay Hill”, and 459 a. of “Allison’s Park” [less their mother’s 1/3 share] and 113 a. of “Cooper” [again, less the mother’s 1/3 share]. He also apparently inherited from his father [although the latter did not mention the lands in his will], part of several other pieces of property, i.e. portions of “Bread and Cheese Hall”, “Father’s Gift”, and 253 a. of “Beall’s Reserve”, as shown in the 1750 Debt Book for Pr. Geo’s Co., infra.


8. Josias BEALL

Born ca. 4 May 1725 in St. John’s Parish, Prince George’s County, Maryland. Josias died on 5 Feb 1803. Refer to “Early Families of Southern Maryland”, Vol. 6, p 278, by Elise Greenup Jourdan. Siblings: [2] John Fendall, [3] Mary, [4] Sarah, [5] Hepsibah, [6] Elishabah or Elizabeth, [7] Margaret. Also possibly [8] Jerusha, and [9] James Alexander.
Ca. 11 Mar 1743 Josias married Millicent BRADLEY in Prince George County, Maryland. Mentioned in “GENEALOGY OF THE BEALL FAMILIES IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, p 195, by Fielder M. M. Beall; no date given. According to the St. John’s Parish Register, or Piscataway Parish Register, Millicent was b. 5 January 1733/4 in Prince George’s County and d. 21 April 1772 in Prince George’s County. All her children were detailed on that register at the time of her death.

“My father, Robert Augustus Beall, related to his children a little romance which occurred in my grandfather’s visit to the Misses Bradley. He was a rather proud and undemonstrative man, therefore the girls were undecided as to whom his attentions were given, but one day he found Millicent alone and then poured out his whole love story in her not unwilling ears. He waited for an answer, but the bird had flown. She ran to her sister and fell weeping and laughing in her arms, exclaiming ‘Mary I have got him’.”  [Elizabeth Rebecca Billups, as quoted in The Georgia Bealls And Their Kinfolks by Bertie Beall Cummins].

Josias resided on a tobacco plantation called Strife which was established by his father.

He sometimes identified himself as “Josias Beall Jr.” to distinguish himself from his elder second cousin Josiah Beall (1715-1768). [See Maryland and Virginia Colonials : Genealogies of Some Colonial Families / Sharon J. Doliante / p. 23 / Genealogical Publishing Company / Baltimore, 1991.]

It is interesting that he sold his inherited lands consisting of Lonehead to three cousins. 

Feb. 20, 1788 Josias Beall “in consideration of the tobacco by him heretofore received for rents as also by further consideration of 5 Shillings Sterling, to him … in hand paid”, sold to Casandra White, of Mont. Co., Charity Magruder of Pr. Geo’s. Co., & Hester Moxly, of Fairfax Co., Va, “the said Casandra, Charity, and Hester being daughters of James Beall, dec’d” … all his interest of and to “Lonehead”, being nr. Bladensburgh in Pr. Geo’s Co., Granted by Patent … bearing date May 21, 1724, unto James Beall grandfather of the said Josias … [Pr. Geo’s Co. Deeds, Liber HH#2, ff. 104-6.]  See Maryland and Virginia Colonials : Genealogies of Some Colonial Families /Sharon J. Doliante / p. 56 / Genealogical Publishing Company/ Baltimore, 1991.

This Lonehead deed shows clearly that this Josias is a grandson of James Beall.

Josias is NOT the brother of Samuel. He did NOT have a mother or sister named Verlinda. He did NOT have a son named Thaddeus. He was NOT the high sheriff of Frederick County. He was NOT one of the twelve Frederick County justices who repudiated the Stamp Act. These distinctions will help to further distinguish Josias from his elder second cousin Josiah.

St. John’s Parish Register (SJPR:336) states Ann Boswell, dau of John & Elizabeth Boswell, b. 16 Nov 1750, went to live in the house of Josias Beall of this parish on the 12th day of January 1774 and there continued until the 29th day of August 1781 when she Departed this life at half past Eight O’Clock in the Evening leaving the three following children born in the house of said Josias Beall, viz [8] David Fendall, [9] Anna, [10] Ann Elizabeth.

7. Robert Augustus BEALL

Born on 7 Jan 1767 in Prince George’s County, Maryland, died in Warren, Georgia, on 5 Feb 1832 [see “Early Families of Southern Maryland”, Vol. 6, p 279 by Elise Greenup Jourdan].

Siblings: [1] John Bradley b. 23 Nov 1760, bapt 7 Dec 1760, [2] Josias Fendall b. 31 Aug 1762, [3] unnamed girl b. 1 Jan 1764, [4] James Alexander b. 9 May 1765, [6] Ann Fendall b. 18 Dec 1768, [7] Benjamin Bradley b. 13 Apr 1771, [8] David Fendall b. 23 Jul 1775, [9] Anna b. 13 Feb 1777, [10] Ann Elizabeth b. 2 May 1781. Robert and all his siblings are listed in King George’s Parish Register, a.k.a. the St. John’s Parish Register or Piscataway Parish Register, Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Inherited Strife plantation from his father [see will of Josias Beall, probate 12 March 1803 / Prince George’s County Register Of Wills /Book Description: T1 /p 376 / Location: 01/25/07/005 / MdHR Number 9725-2 / Maryland State Archives: C1326-4].

On 25 Jan 1796, Robert married Elizabeth MARSHALL. [Refer to “GENEALOGY OF THE BEALL FAMILIES IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, p 200, by Fielder M. M. Beall –no date given, and “Early Families of Southern Maryland”, Vol. 6, p 279, by Elise Greenup Jourdan.]

An unrecorded deed, dated 21 Sept 1809 indicates:

“Robert Augustus Beall and Benjamin Bradley Beall to their brother Josias Fendall Beall, for $10,000, ca 800 acres in Prince George’s and Charles Counties, including Strife [see NPS Form 10-900-a / Prince Georges County survey # 84-20 / Continuation sheet, Bellevue, Prince George’s County, MD / Item Number 8 / Chain Of Title / Page 8].

After disposing of these lands in Prince George’s County, Robert Augustus Beall and his brother Benjamin moved their families to Georgia.

6. Josias Bradley BEALL

Josias was born on 23 May 1797 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. [Refer to “Early Families of Southern Maryland”, Vol.6, p 279, by Elise Greenup Jourdan, and record of King George Parish.] Siblings: [2] William Marshall b. 13 Feb 1799, [3] Robert Augustus II b. 16 Nov 1800, [4] Mary Ann, [5] Susan Millicent, [6] unnamed girl, [7] Elizabeth Rebecca b. 9 Apr 1808, [8] Ann Fendall b. 9 Oct 1810, [9] Ellen Augusta, [10] Jane Louise.

According to their marriage permit, Josias married Sarah Brinkley BUTT in Warren County, Georgia on 27 Jan 1818. This date is also mentioned in “GENEALOGY OF THE BEALL FAMILIES IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, p 200, by Fielder M. M. Beall. The online Warren County marriage record index incorrectly identifies the husband as “Jonas B. Bealle”.

Josias Bradley (Brad) was one of the early sheriffs of both Coweta and Campbell Counties, Georgia. He was executed with most of James W. Fannin’s Regiment near Goliad, Texas, on 27 March 1836. His name appears on Heroes at Rest monument near Fannin, Texas [refer to History of Texas, 1685-1892, by John Henry Brown; extract reprinted in American Genealogy Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3].

5. James Jesse BEALL


Born on 31 July 1826 in Rockdale, Walton County, Georgia [Refer to Biography of James Jesse Beall, written by son, Jesse Beall]. Birth place and date shown on his 1899 application for Indigent Pension. Age also shown on 1880 census, District 736, for Douglas, Georgia. Siblings: [1] Margaret Elizabeth b. abt. 1819, [2] Robert Augustus, [3] Eliza, [4] William, [5] Susan Millicent b. 22 Dec 1824, [7] Josias Bradley b. abt. 1829, [8] Egbert Benjamin b. 4 Sep 1830, [9] Sarah Mary W. b. 11 Mar 1834. James Jesse and his siblings are all mentioned in an article about Egbert Beall, included in A Memorial And Biographical History Of Navarro, Henderson, Anderson, Limestone, Freestone And Leon Counties, Texas; Lewis Publishing Company; 1893; Chicago.

James is listed with his mother “Sarah B. Bell”, and three younger siblings in the 1850 census for District 10, Campbell County, Georgia.

On 29 Jan 1852, James married Sarah Matilda WATTS [refer to Sarah’s 1901 pension application]. The couple appears together in the 1860 and 1870 census in Campbell County, Georgia; 1880 census in Chapel Hill, Douglas County, Georgia; and 1900 census in Buchanan Town, Haralson County, Georgia.

Served as Captain, Company C, 19th Infantry Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Colquit’s Brigade, Hoke’s Division, Anderson’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Organized 11 Jun 1861, and mustered into Confederate Service 2 August 1861 [refer to James’ 1899 application for Indigent Pension, and Confederate Archives, Chap. 1, File 83, p 131].

James Jesse died on 5 Apr 1901. Buried in Buchanan Cemetery, Haralson County, Georgia [see obituary article taken from The Tribune of Buchanan, Georgia on Friday, April 12, 1901].

4. John Gainer BEALL

Born on 22 Jun 1870 in Palmetto, Georgia. Birth date shown on 1900 census, District 7, Haralson County, Georgia. Siblings and ages shown on 1880 census, District 736, for Douglas, Georgia.

On 24 Dec 1893, John married Nancy Caroline Idella REID, also known as “Della”, in Bremen, Haralson County, Georgia. Their marriage license indicates the marriage was performed by the bride’s uncle, H.T. Reid. The couple appears on 1900 census, District 7, Haralson County, Georgia.

In 1916, John Gainer was a farmer in Morgan County, Alabama. His daughter Lola was working as schoolteacher when she happened to send her parents a newspaper article about farming possibilities in Idaho. John decided to visit Idaho to check it out, and soon after moved his large family to Jerome.

John suddenly dropped dead while at work. He died in Jerome, Lincoln County, Idaho, on 20 Dec 1917 [see death certificate]. Siblings: [1] Seaborn Bradley, [2] Alice b. 2 Apr 1854, [3] William Butt b. Aug 1856, [4] George b. ca 1858, [5] Jesse b. 7 Feb 1860, [6] James b. 7 Feb 1860, [7] Thomas Jefferson b. ca 1862, [8] Robert Augustus b. 30 Oct 1865, [9] Sarah Jeanette b. 25 Feb 1868, [11] Henry Watts b. Jan 1873, [12] Egbert Pendleton b. Sep 1875, [13] Charles Edward b. ca 1876.

3. Roscoe Stuart BEALL


Born on 10 Sep 1913 in Eva, Morgan County, Alabama [see driver license]. Died 6 Oct 1979 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Siblings: [1] Dovie May b. 30 Sep 1894, [2] Willie Estell b. 12 Sep 1895, [3] Lola Amanda b. 12 Nov 1896, [4] Carl Chester b. 12 Mar 1898, [5] Herbert Harvey b. 29 Apr 1899, [6] Jesse Emory b. 8 Sep 1900, [7] Lee Roy b. 26 Apr 1902, [8] Raymond Ramsey b. 18 Jun 1904, [9] Elmer Reid b. 16 Mar 1906, [10] John Dean b. 10 Apr 1909, [11] Buford Emory b. 8 Sep 1910, [12] Sara Marie Jewell b. 19 May 1912, [14] Winnell b. 10 May 1915, [15] Winona b. 10 May 1915, [16] Thomas Marshall b. 23 Dec 1916.

Roscoe enlisted in the Army of the United States as a private, and served with Hq Company, 38’th Infantry, from 3 Oct 1935 to 2 Oct 1938. He trained as a Radio Operator and Mechanic, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He re-enlisted at Fort Douglas, Utah, on 3 Oct 1938, and graduated from Radio Operators and Mechanics Course, ACTS, at Scott Field, Illinois, on 15 Aug 1941. Was appointed Corporal at Scott Field, Illinois, on 2 Sept 1941. Honorably discharged on 2 Oct 1941. Was inducted into the Army for wartime service, and served with the 15’th Bombardment Squadron from 23 Sep 1943 until 22 Nov 1945.

On 11 Dec 1940, Roscoe married (1) Norma Louise CARLSON. They divorced in 1958. On 29 Aug 1960, Roscoe married (2) Nora Matilda HENDRIKSEN, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah [see marriage certificate].

2. Stuart James BEALL


Born on 12 Feb 1962 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah [see driver license]. Siblings: [1] Sandra Jean, [2] Pamela, [3] Janet b. 3 Aug 1949, [4] Patricia, [6] Bonnie Marie, [7] Joy Lynne.

On 8 February 2013, Stuart James Beall married Tonnette STETTLER in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.

1. Trevin Josias BEALL

Born in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.


Notice, we are NOT descendants of the famous Colonel Ninian Beall, as some have supposed.


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