Zumi Rice


I used a Lodge brand flat-bottom 5-quart dutch oven for this recipe. Used to be, all Lodge Cast Iron was made in Tennessee, but no more. More stuff is imported from China. So what happens if we send all our money to China? Just curious.

If you have trouble getting your rice to stay fluffy, but not sticky, parboiled rice is the trick. You may use ordinary rice here, but only if you’re already familiar with how your rice behaves.

When you stir this recipe, use a wooden spoon. If you must scrape the edges of your pan with a metal spoon or spatula, something’s wrong. It may be your pan, it may be your recipe, it may be YOU. Think about it.

Don’t freak out about my unconventional presentation. I will list ingredients as I give the instructions.

Let’s start the food part of the recipe here.

>250 grams of sliced sausage (that’s a half pound, Yankee)

Fry the meat in the bottom of a 3.5 liter dutch oven. Retain all fat and juices. If your meat is “extra lean” and you don’t see any juice or fat, use a drizzle of olive oil to make up for it.

>125 ml dry parboiled rice

Spread the rice out over the cooked meat. That’s right. Same pot.

>175 ml water, 30 ml olive oil, 10 ml (2 tsp) buffalo seasoning, 1 chopped yellow onion (large), 1 chopped bell pepper (choose your own color).

Add these ingredients right on top of the meat and rice. Same dutch oven pot. Bring the water to a boil. ¿How do you tell? Well, you might have to peek down through those pieces of onion and bell pepper. While you’re peeking, ¡DO NOT stir this stuff! Let it get really bubbly, then cover the pot. I mean, put a lid on it. Immediately, reduce the heat to a low simmer. Let it cook thus for 10 minutes. Nine is cool. Eleven is acceptable. Eight is stretching the limits of reason.

>1 large fresh chopped portabella mushroom. You could substitute about 8 ounces of sliced baby bella mushrooms. Rinse well before adding to the pot.

Keep the pot on the low heat, and add the mushroom. Now stir it up. Stir the bottom, the sides, the middle, the edges, the fringes, the corners, the top. The rice should appear soft by now, and the water should be gone. Put the lid on it again, and let it simmer for another three minutes. Now remove the heat. Turn it off. Take the pot out of the fire, or off the electric stove. Last thing is, let the pot sit covered, with the lid on, for 10 minutes.

Some folks like it a little saltier, so you can add some sea salt to your plate only. When I call for sea salt, there is no substitute. Cheap table salt may have silicoaluminate mixed in.



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