How can I get back into writing.

It was the 8th of February 2013. I had just married for the first time in my life. My three older sisters were already grandmothers. Even though the marriage contract was official, I felt like the traditional Mormon marriage experience had already escaped me, along with the real estate property I wanted in Sweet Grass County, my Honda CRX that crashed into an animal in Paradise Valley, and the treasured oak furniture I had spent several years collecting.

I wrote about my marriage day in a bound paper diary, much as I did all the major courting experiences in my life prior to that day, until the ink from the pen began to run out, and my writing on the page got fainter and fainter. That was over a year ago, and I’ve never added  anything more to that diary.

If someone would ask me why I neglected the diary, or journaling in general, I might reply that this marriage was very demanding on my time. My wife has special needs that require time and effort most people cannot imagine. So writing about trivial things has not been a priority.

There has always been some creative energy that seems to bubble up in my personality once in a while, seeking some outlet … piano music, flute music, emails, website updates,  cooking, gardening, hiking, biking … these were my hobbies which were easy to indulge before I became a married man.

This experiment is as much about learning some new technology, as it is personal expression. I have lots to say, but it seems nobody really wants to hear. Maybe it can wait, hiding in some generic web server, on artificial “pages” like this one, until the time is right.


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